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Key Stage 5

What will I Study? 
Girls studying Spanish should approach the subject in as varied a way as possible, supplementing classroom time by making frequent visits to films in Spanish and seeing Spanish theatre when it is on in London. Furthermore, pupils are encouraged to attend talks and lectures at el Instituto Cervantes.
There is a visit to Spain in October every other year.  Last year  we went to Seville and attended a prestigious language school. All girls buy a copy of a new textbook written specifically for the A-Level course and we frequently work from articles taken from El País. We also use songs and poetry as well as taking very seriously the study of grammar. Pupils will have the opportunity to speak with a Spanish language assistant on a weekly basis.


How will I be assessed?
At AS level, pupils will be assessed as follows:

Unit 1: Speaking (April-May)
8-10 minutes 
30% of AS (or 15% of A level) 

Unit 2: Listening, Reading and Writing (June) 
2 hours 30 minutes 
70% of AS (or 35% of A level) 

At A2 level, pupils will be assessed as follows: 

Unit 3: Speaking (April-May) 
11-13 minutes 
35% of A2 (or 17.5% of A level) 

Unit 4: Research and Understanding and Written Response
2 hours 30minutes 
65% of A2 (or 32.5% of A level)

Future opportunities 
In a world where the knowledge of an additional language is increasingly becoming a valued asset, pupils with an A level in Spanish (the second most spoken language in the world) will have access to a wider range of careers. These include working for the European institutions, international business, teaching, translation and the tourism and leisure industry. 

What are the entry requirements?
An A or A* grade at GCSE Spanish is required. Pupils must understand that the course is challenging and it requires commitment both in and outside of lessons. Worthwhile grades are only achieved through hard work. The language and literature of Spain and Latin America will prove a stimulating study and a good training for higher education. 

A Modern Language can be a very useful qualification combined with other subjects, especially in the light of the new opportunities in Europe. Various universities offer courses combining a subject with Spanish in an effort to prepare pupils to become the international political and business leaders of tomorrow.

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