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Key Stage 3

Year 7
In Year 7, our objective is to introduce pupils to the Spanish language. In the course of the year, pupils will develop skills that will enable them to communicate in Spanish at a basic level. They learn to understand and use vocabulary and structures about themselves, family, home and school. We use the course Caminos1 as well as a variety of Spanish poems and songs to encourage the creative use of language and cultural awareness.

Year 8
In Year 8, pupils develop their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in Spanish. We use the course ‘Caminos’ which is divided into 7 units of work which covers language related to directions, routines, shopping, food, free time, going out and health. During the year, pupils will consolidate their understanding and knowledge of the present tense and will be introduced to other verb tenses. They are also encouraged to use Spanish wherever possible in lessons. Homework usually involves one written and one learning homework each week.

Year 9
The objective of the Year 9 course is to enable all pupils, whether they opt to do the GCSE. course in Year 10 or not, to hold simple conversations in Spanish and to communicate on a basic level as if they were in a Spanish speaking country. Using  Caminos 2, pupils learn to understand and use words and phrases about themselves, shopping, travel, ordering food and drink, prices, numbers and times. Underpinning this is a grammatical framework to prepare those who opt to take Spanish in Year 10. Pupils are encouraged to listen to and use Spanish in the classroom. Homework, both  written and learning, is designed to reinforce work done in class. Pupils are also encouraged to share experiences of Spain, souvenirs, food, different customs and habits with the class. There will also be an introduction to Spanish cinema and the possibility of a visit to Spain in Activities week.

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