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Pupils have many opportunities to access Spanish outside of lessons. Sixth Formers run the Modern Languages Club in which pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 can learn about the culture of France, Spain or Latin America as well as getting support with their homework.

Pupils also have access to many language related enrichment opportunities. We organise visits to the cinema, theatre and art exhibitions depending on what is on offer in London and availability of tickets. These visits are primarily open to A level language pupils and at times to Years 10 and 11. In recent years, pupils have attended Spanish open days at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford as well as the launch of the latest translation of Lorca’s celebrated Romancero Gitano, which was held by his niece.

A level Spanish pupils and Key Stage 4 pupils also have the opportunity to visit different cities in Spain every other year. During these trips, pupils widen their cultural understanding as well as developing further their linguistic competence and confidence as they attend language seminars in prestigious language schools (Letra Hispánica and Colegio Delibes). Our latest chosen city was Madrid where pupils visited a secondary school Calderón de la Barca) in Carabanchel and attended some lessons with pupils from the school. We also devised a Hispanic Evening.

It is of an interdisciplinary nature and involves pupils from every year group and of all abilities. This venture, which was brought about with the involvement of both the Head of English and Director of Music, encourages pupils and staff to appreciate Hispanic literature and culture.

Please click here to view our Flikr feed, which includes images from the Seville trip October 2013.

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