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Key Stage 5 – Years 12/13 

What will I Study? 
The study of Sociology at A level involves working through four key aspects of society and critically assessing these using sociological theories. This subject will give students the opportunity to argue and discuss the causes and outcome of a variety of social problems and to understand the social and political make up of society. 

How will I be assessed?
Syllabus AQA

Unit 1 Families and Households: within this students will examine patterns of diversity within the UK, gender equality in couples, childhood. Unit 2 Education & Sociological Methods: within this module students will examine differences in the achievement of boys and girls and across social classes and ethnicity. They will also examine the different methods sociologists use to gather information. These topics are assessed in two examinations taken in the May of student’s AS year. One 1 hour examination on family – including two essays and one 2 hour examination on Education and Methods, including 3 essays.

Unit 3 Beliefs in Society: within this module students will examine theories around why we have religion - what is its role? They will look at ideas around secularisation and the growth of atheism and try to work out if religion is still an important influence in our 
lives and if so how? We will use the 2011 census to gain an understanding of the growth of new religious movements such as Wiccan and Scientology and even client based cults such as homeopathy and astrology and see why mainly women turn to these.

Unit 4 Crime and Deviance, theory & Methods: Why does crime occur? What makes people do harm to others? Within this module students will examine theories around why crime happens and the patterns of who commits crime. They will continue to develop their understanding of methods following on from AS and understand questions such as ‘Is Sociology a Science?’ Pupils will develop the vocabulary which will stand them in good stead to complete a research dissertation in any subject. These topics will be examined in 2 examinations in the June of their A2s. One 1 hour 30 minute examination on Beliefs and one 2 hour examination on Crime, Theory and Methods.

Future opportunities 
Careers and degree paths– law, medicine, Social Policy, Civil Service, teaching, police, criminology, market research and advertising. Most professions now have sociological aspects to their training courses from customer based jobs such as banking and advertising to medicine and government positions in the Civil Service. More and more universities are classifying Sociology and Criminology as a BSC degree rather than a BA and this move has opened up a number of careers, including leading to qualify and practice as a forensic psychologist.

What are the entry requirements?
Students will be expected to obtain a minimum of a grade B in English Language. As Sociology is an essay-based subject also taking a humanities subject such as History, Politics or Religious Studies is helpful but not essential.

A level Sociology goes well with all A level subjects but particularly compliments English, Psychology, History and Politics within the arts based A levels. Psychology and Sociology work well together due to the overlap of research methods and criminology. It works well alongside the three sciences; particularly for students considering a career in frontline care professions such as medicine, pharmacy and nursing

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