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Click here for:  UCAS Statement for Higher Education Institutions


UCAS Deadline Dates

When you want UCAS to receive your completed application by:

Deadline to complete ALL your sections of the UCAS Form & send to tutor
Early Application Deadline  Latest Friday 11 September
By October Half Term  Latest Friday 25 September
Mid of November  Latest Friday 16 October
End of November  Latest Monday 2 November
End of Autumn Term  Latest Friday 13 November




Applying for University through UCAS after you have left Lady Margaret School

You will need to apply as an independent candidate and request a reference from LMS.  Please note that if you are re-taking any examinations as a private candidate at another centre we are unable to provide you with a predicted grade.

To request a reference, register for UCAS Apply 2021 and complete the application form. You then need to follow the steps to request a “Reference only” from a centre, click here to see how. You may need to use the buzzword, which for Apply 2021 is “LMS2021entry”. Then we have to “accept” your request.   It may take us 3 weeks to write and upload a reference so you need to be organised and factor in this time!

You should use Unifrog to research university courses and for helping you to draft your personal statement.  Contact Mrs Smith if you have not yet set up an account linked to Lady Margaret School.  Access your account at 

Please email subject header FAO: Sixth Form Administrator & Miss Walton when you request a reference and provide the following information:

•    Subject choice
•    Institutions to which you are applying
•    Grade requirements for each course
•    Gap Year plans
•    Any relevant work experience or course
•    Name of your tutor at LMS

This must be done by Friday 13 November if you want to meet the 15 January (6pm) deadline for online applications to UCAS. The earlier the better!

UCAS will contact you directly to say that they have received your reference when it’s completed.
If you wish, you can request an appointment to come in and see Miss Walton to discuss your UCAS application - if you wish to do so, please contact Miss Lees Powell (Sixth Form Administrator) to arrange a convenient time.




And don't forget to join LMX, the school's alumnae association. You can contact Old Girls who have studied at the institutions you are considering and collect their insight and advice.

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