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Where do our students go?

We are proud of the destinations that our students choose after their Sixth Form education here. Many move into fulfilling and rewarding careers but the majority choose to go into tertiary education (sometimes following a gap year).

These institutions include some of the best research-based universities in the country – Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, UCL, Edinburgh and Leeds. In fact, The Sutton Trust found in a 2011 report that LMS was the comprehensive with the highest number of Oxbridge entrants over three years. The report, which you can download here also identified LMS as the comprehensive with the highest proportion of students accepted at the ‘Sutton Trust 30’ highly selective universities.

But we are most proud of is the fact that girls gain admission to universities that suit best their own interests, passions and talents. For example, consistently each year over eight students join highly selective art foundation courses (three also to study architecture in the last two years). Four girls went onto study music in 2013 – at four different institutions. Girls have gone on to study courses as varied as Observational Astronomy in the University of South Wales, Midwifery at Leeds University and Renewable Energy at the University of Exeter.

Looking forward, as we adjust to higher university fees introduced in England in 2012 in we expect to see more applications to European universities such as Maastricht and the richly endowed American universities.

Our belief in nurturing the talent of the individual is best exemplified in their university destinations and the ability of our students to choose the courses that they want to pursue.

Here you can download a PDF document of the university destinations of 68 students in 201667 students in 201577 students in 2014 and 88 students 2013.

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