Religious Studies Title

Religious Studies

Curriculam Button Two

Key Stage 5 – Years 12/13

What will I Study?
All students entering the Sixth Form are required to attend Beliefs and Values lessons. This forms a central part of the Christian ethos of the school and provides the girls with an understanding of different religious and non-religious perspectives and the reasons behind these views. Lessons are fortnightly in which students are encouraged to discuss and debate topics relevant to religion and morality, often based on current affairs. Tasks include class discussions, media, group work, research and presentations, all of which aim to examine and celebrate the religious and ethnic diversity of the school and the local and global communities to which we belong.

Previous topics include:
-  Arranged marriage
-  Human trafficking
-  The London riots
-  War
-  The death Penalty
-  The worldwide Anglican communion
-  Issues of particular relevance to women in the 21st Century

How will I be assessed?
Beliefs and Values is not assessed, but a good attendance and contribution to the lessons will be added to UCAS references written by your tutors. Beliefs and Values is compulsory to all students in the Sixth Form and should be treated in the same way as any other subject. There is no homework, coursework or examination at the end of the course.

Future opportunities:
Beliefs and Values lessons offer an excellent addition to any student’s current curriculum choices; this is a way that students can make their applications for jobs and university stand out amongst others. It is also great preparation for the style and discipline of university lectures and seminars. It gives students a voice and allows them to formulate arguments and opinions on current affairs.

‘You get so wrapped up in your own life but Beliefs and Values really opens your eyes’.

Year 13 comment in the 2011 Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools

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