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Beyond the classroom

Religious Studies extends beyond the classroom and girls can enjoy a variety of extra-curricular activities which complement the RE syllabus. Philosophy club is run by the Sixth Form RS Prefects and takes place once a fortnight. Girls from KS4 are encouraged to attend, particularly if they are interested in pursuing RS at A Level. The club is discussion based and often includes philosophical themed media.
Last year a number of girls attended a screening of six short films on the issues of science and belief and their reflections and essays were entered in a national competition run by RE Online.

There have been whole-school debates on various topics relevant to RE, such as equality, genetic engineering and faith schools.

Year 12 students attended a trip to the Natural History Museum, and there are many opportunities throughout the year to attend courses, open days and an AS Revision Roadshow.

This year, girls in Year 8 attended a trip to various local schools; looking at the various Christian denominations with a focus on the identity of Jesus. Next year girls from KS3 will also attend a Hindu Mandir, Sikh Gurdwara and Buddhist Temple.

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