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Key Stage 5 

What will I study?
This course, following the Edexcel syllabus, offers you the opportunity to learn about how states are governed, what constitutions are, how elections are conducted, and how citizens can determine the nature of the country they live in by membership of parties and pressure groups. The subject is concerned with contemporary issues and you will consider how key current events link with the theoretical framework.In Year 12 you will focus on British Politics.

In Year 12 you will focus on British Politics.

Unit 1:
• Democracy and Political Participation
• Elections
• Political Parties
• Pressure Groups.

Unit 2:
• The Constitution
• Parliament
• The Prime Minister and Cabinet
• Judges and Civil Liberties.

In Year 13 you will follow Route C, which concentrates on studying the government and 
politics of the USA.

Unit 3:
• Elections and Voting
• Political Parties
• Pressure Groups
• Racial and Ethnic Politics.

Unit 4:
• The Constitution
• Congress
• Presidency
• Supreme Court.

How will I be assessed? 
Edexcel Syllabus: 8GP01 (AS) & 9GP01 (A2) 
This course is modular and consists of four units.

AS Level 
Unit 1: People and Politics (50% of AS, 25% of the overall A level) 
Unit 2: Governing the UK (50% of AS, 25% of the overall A level) 
Both examinations are 1 hour 20 minutes long.

A2 Level
Unit 3 Topic C: Representative Processes in the USA (25% of the overall A level) 
Unit 4 Topic C: Governing the USA(25% of the overall A level) 
Both examinations are 1 hour 30 minutes long.

Future opportunities 
Politics concentrates on a diverse study of behaviour, theory and relationships. By its very nature, politics throws up new issues and problems that challenge existing ideas. It requires critical reflection, balanced analysis and informed debate. Politics also enables students to write fluently, present confidently and argue effectively: all highly useful skills for university and the world of work, which is why politics graduates are in strong demand in todays competitive job market. Politics prepares you for a wide range of careers. These include the fields of public affairs, government and the civil service, fund-raising, consultancy, research, lobbying, market research, events organisation and education, as well as law, journalism and business, amongst others.

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