E-Safety Update February 2016

The 9th February is Safer Internet Day.  We have marked this at Lady Margaret with a number of pupil assemblies hosted by our very able Y10 peer mentors.
We wanted to make sure that all pupils and their parents are aware of what to do if they are worried or need help about cyber-bullying issues or other e-safety issues.  

The CEOP button can be found on our school website below, on the CEOP website and on many other websites.  It provides a lot of suggestions and advice as well as allowing young people or their parents and carers to make reports.  

We have added a useful link to our school website below.  Parent Info provides articles, tips, expert advice and resources designed to help parents keep up with what their children are doing on-line.

We have signed up to a new app and website called Tootoot.  This allows pupils to register and then report any e-safety or cyber-bullying concerns anonymously to members of the school staff.  Details about Tootoot have been announced in assemblies and given to form tutors to distribute.
Mr A Magee 
Director of E-Learning 
Feb 2016

E Safety Resources for Parents and Carers - December 2015

I wanted to make you aware of some useful resources available to parents regarding e-safety:

1)     The Parent Zone have released their annual Digital Parenting magazine Parents can access an electronic version of the  magazine through this link: http://vodafonedigitalparenting.co.uk/ 

2)    The Parent Zone also has a website with lots of advice for parents on a number of issues including e-safety.  Details can be found here:  http://parentinfo.org/ 

3)    CEOP (The part of the National Crime Agency responsible for child e-safety) have also launched a new website for parents.  Details can be found here:  https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/ 

All these resources contain lots of advice and suggestions about keeping children safe.   They also provide details of organisations that can be contacted for advice and assistance and to report wrongdoing.  In addition, if pupils are the victims of cyber-bullying they are very welcome to speak to their tutor, Head of Year, myself or any appropriate adult.  The school will actively cooperate with the police and other agencies to identify and sanction offenders.  

I thank you for your continued support and am assured that together we can ensure that our pupils are supported, act responsibly and  are kept  safe.
Yours sincerely,
Mr A Magee
Director of E-Learning
Acting Assistant Headteacher

E-safety update June 2015


As you may be aware, 11-16 year old girls are the most likely group to be involved in ‘cyber-bullying’, that is when ICT has been used to upset, harass or threaten others.  Although we do not believe this is a significant problem at Lady Margaret School, it is still something I felt should be incorporated into our e-safety policy.  This policy is made up of the following strands:

Pupil Awareness
All pupils in Y7 and 8 received e-safety lessons at the beginning of this term.  All Y10 pupils received two days of e-safety training at the end of last term and all Y9 pupils will receive two days of e-safety training in July 2015.  E-safety is also addressed in the PSHE programme for Year 11.
Beat Bullying Mentors.
A group of Y10 pupils have received special training and certification to become Beat Bullying Mentors.  They will run anti-bullying drop-ins every lunchtime. There will be publicity material appearing around the school and the mentors will be visiting Y7-9 Forms during registration to promote their role.  
Logging of Cyber Bullying Incidents
A log has been set-up and all staff are required to log all incidents of cyber-bullying reported to them.  This allows us to gauge the extent of cyber-bullying and to ensure all incidents are effectively addressed.
Communication with Parents
This letter forms part of our improved communication with parents and carers.   Please speak to your daughter about cyber-bullying and ensure they are aware that they must not use any type of ICT to upset or threaten others.  This includes other pupils and members of the wider community, including teachers.  If pupils do break this rule they will be sanctioned.  Where the incident takes place outside school, we will inform parents and, in serious cases, the police.
E-Safety Survey
It is recommended as part of E safety good practice that schools anonymously survey their pupils to identify the extent of bullying and cyber-bullying and by standing.  We intend to carry out this survey with all pupils over the next two weeks.  Please encourage your child to answer the questions honestly.  We will share findings with parents in due course.

E-Safety Advice for Parents 
The PTA are hoping to arrange a talk for parents from an expert in e-safety and they will be in touch with you directly with further details.  I intend to attend this event am very happy to address any concerns parents may have.
If pupils are the victims of cyber-bullying there is a lot of support available.  They are welcome to speak to their tutor, myself or any appropriate adult.  The school will actively cooperate with the police and other agencies to identify and sanction offenders.  Parents and pupils can find additional help and resources at the following website:




They can also call ChildLine on 0800 1111  

If parents, carers or other adults need advice or want to report issues they can contact the specialist police Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre at the following website: 

For immediate advice and action parents can also call the Safer Internet Centre Helpline on 0844 381 4772.

I thank you for your continued support and am assured that together we can ensure that our pupils are supported, act responsibly and are kept safe.

Yours sincerely, 

Mr A Magee
Director of E-learning
Acting Assistant Headteacher





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