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Key Stage 5 – Music 

GCE Music - Edexcel syllabus
Music A level allows pupils to study Music as a practical, intellectual and creative 
subject, focusing on performance, analysis and composition. The course recognises 
that we live in an age of cultural diversity and the areas of study cover a wide range 
of music. Pupils have access to the educational facilities that the professional London 
music scene has to offer. 
The course is made up of three units:

Performance (30%)
Pupils are required to perform a solo recital in Year 12 and in Year 13. The AS recital is 
5-6 minutes long and a 12-15 minute recital is required at A2 level.

Composition (30%)
At AS level, pupils compose a free composition in response to a brief and write a 
corresponding CD sleeve note. At A2 level, pupils compose another composition and 
complete a technical pastiche exercise.

Musical Understanding (40%)
At AS and A2 level, pupils study a variety of focus works, prescribed by the exam board. 
Their understanding of the works is assessed through an examination with listening and 
essay questions. 



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