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Key Stage 5 – Music 

Music A level allows pupils to study Music as a practical, intellectual and creative subject, focusing on performance, analysis and composition. The course recognises that we live in an age of cultural diversity and the areas of study cover a wide range of music. Students have access to the educational facilities that the professional London music scene has to offer. 

The course is made up of three units:

Performance (30%)
Students are required to perform a solo recital in Year 13 of between 8-12 minutes in length. 

Composition (30%)
Students submit one composition for any forces and in any style of at least four minutes in length. They will also complete two chorale harmonisations in the style of J. S. Bach.

Musical Understanding (40%)
We will study 18 set works, taken from a broad array of styles and genres. Understanding of the works is assessed through an examination with listening and essay questions and there is a strong emphasis on wider listening outside of prescribed works.





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