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Key Stage 3

Year 7
In Year 7, pupils consolidate and increase their powers of mental calculation so that they are not dependent on a calculator for simple everyday numerical work. They will also develop their ability to estimate and to make approximate calculations. The shape and space topics provide scope for classification and basic proof. Much of the motivation is aesthetic – the pleasure of making and discovering patterns, and this, it is hoped, will promote a positive attitude to the study of mathematics. Appropriate practical work is a feature for all pupils. This is used to encourage the exploration of new ideas in problem-solving, in investigative work, and in the interpretation and discussion of data. Throughout the year, pupils are encouraged to develop their ability to communicate mathematically.

Year 8
Throughout the Year 8 Mathematics course, girls continue to increase their knowledge and range of skills established in Year 7. Decimals, negative numbers, percentages, fractions, and the appropriate use of a calculator are consolidated. The conventions and notations of algebra are formalised by simplifying expressions and solving equations. Geometric properties of shapes and angles are analysed. Practised applications of Mathematics are explored by considering straight line graphs and real life graphs. Students continue statistical work by considering presenting data and comparing data in different ways, and analysing their results.

Year 9
In the final year of Key Stage 3, pupils’ knowledge and range of skills are increased and consolidated.

In Divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4 pupils consider the following topics:
Indices and Standard Form, multiplicative reasoning. expressions and formulae, sequences and graphs, constructions, triganometry and simultaneous equations as well as consolidating and extending topics from Year 8.

In Division 5 pupils consider the following topics:
Algebraic and geometric formulae, 2D and 3D geometary, sequences and equations, accuracy and bounds as well as consolidating and extending topics from Year 8. 


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