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Key Stage 4 – GCSE Music - Edexcel syllabus

GCSE Music - Edexcel syllabus GCSE

Music covers performing, composing and listening to music through four areas of study: Western Classical Music, Music in the 20th Century, Popular Music in Context and World Music.

The course is broken down into the following components:

Performance (30%):

During the course, pupils take part in many different performances, either with other people or as soloists. As part of this, they perform one ensemble in Year 10 and one solo in Year 11, which are recorded and assessed. These performances can be in any style and on any instrument. 

Composition (30%):

Pupils work on one composition in Year 10 and another in Year 11. They are in a form or style chosen with the teacher.

Listening Examination (40%):

Pupils study 12 set works from an anthology and are asked questions based on recorded extracts of these set works in an examination. 


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