Key Stage 3

Music in Key Stage 3 is based around performing, composing and listening and each project undertaken covers all of these activities. Class concerts are also a regular feature of music at this stage. 

Year 7
The course begins with a study of the different elements of music. Using a combination of keyboards, instruments and voices, pupils create pieces in groups based on chosen elements. Pupils then embark on an in-depth study of Samba and perform in a class Samba band. In the Summer Term, pupils learn some basic analysis techniques and consider what makes a good melody.

Year 8
Year 8 starts with a study of Indian music. Pupils explore characteristics of Indian melody and rhythm and then compose and perform their own ragas. In the Spring Term, pupils study blues music and in the Summer Term, they compose their own TV theme tunes. 

Year 9
In Year 9, pupils complete a keyboard-based performance assessment of Pachelbel’s Canon, involving an element of improvisation. Pupils then embark on a study of African rhythms using djembes, which leads into their own compositions using minimalist techniques. After Christmas, pupils compose and record their own pop songs.


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