Key Stage 3

Music in Key Stage 3 is based around performing, composing and listening and each project undertaken covers all of these activities. 

Year 7
Students start studying music by looking at the orchestra and instrument sonorities, with plenty of hands-on experience exploring a variety of instruments. We then go on to develop keyboard skills later in the Autumn term. Students will also perform and arrange as an a cappella ensemble, study a variety of music from Asia, study jazz and develop songwriting skills.

Year 8
Year 8 starts with a Ghanaian drumming project where we will explore complex rhythmic cycles and apply these to composition work. We then go on to study programmatic music based around an in-depth study of Benjamin Britten’s Four Sea Interludes. From the Spring term onwards, students will study Blues, how to develop more complex chord sequences, Reggae and dance music using Logic Pro software.

Year 9
In Year 9, students use music technology to compose film and game scores and study the development of rock & roll. After Christmas, we engage with GCSE-specific content, including preparing and rehearsing an ensemble performance and composing music from a given stimulus. The year finishes with a practical exploration of musical fusions and Motown.


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