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Curriculam Button Two

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 pupils are taught to use computers safely, they are also taught how to use applications creatively and effectively for presenting information.  They learn how to use the basic and advanced functions of spreadsheets and then use these skills to create self marking tests.  They are introduced to programming through the highly visual Scratch interface.  During Year 8 pupils consolidate the skills they have learnt in Year 7. They are introduced to pseudo code through control technology and learn how to create flowcharts to control devices such as traffic lights and car alarms.  They further their programming knowledge by learning how to write programs and solve problems in Python and MS Logo.  They learn about computer components and are introduced to theory concepts such as Boolean logic and binary.  In Year 8 and 9 pupils also carry out an extended project involving graphics, databases and animation applications. They carry out a series of enterprise based activities and articulate how they have developed and demonstrated capability. Pupils identify where these activities and applications are used in the world around them and why these skills are important for the future. They consider the impact of computers on society and are encouraged to formulate opinions and cite evidence to support them.

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