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Pupils are taught discreet computing for one lesson per week from Year 7 – Year 9. They follow a curriculum that includes computer science, information technology and digital literacy.  Computer science involves the scientific and practical study of computing.  Pupils learn computer theory including concepts such as binary, logic and computational thinking.  They also learn practical computing skills and are introduced to programming.  Information technology is concerned with how computers and telecommunications systems work.  Pupils learn about the different components that make up a computer system as well learning about the history of computing and anticipating future changes and researching new technologies.  Pupils also learn how computers communicate with each other in a network.  Digital literacy is about being able to safely and effectively use a range of digital technologies.  Pupils learn how to stay safe online and protect their digital footprint they also complete a range of creative projects that allows them to learn how to use and combine applications that will help them in their studies and beyond.  Pupils can then choose to carry on with computing by studying a GCSE and A Level ICT.  We hope to offer Computer Science at GCSE in the future.

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