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Key Stage 5 – Years 12/13

What will I Study?
During the AS level course, students will consider ideologies such as communism and democracy as part of the Cold War in Asia paper as well as reflecting on the role played by leaders of the USA, the USSR and China in key events such as the Korean War and Vietnam War. This paper is examined through the analysis of historical evidence. The British Foreign Policy paper encompasses the key topics of decolonisation, Britain’s role in Europe and in the United Nations, and Britain’s role in the Cold War. Pupils  will examine events such as Indian independence and the Suez Crisis. This paper is examined through the medium of essay writing.

Through the A2 coursework, students will explore Russian Revolutions 1894–24, offering an opportunity to develop pupils research skills. The Tudor Foreign Policy unit includes a study of key figures such as Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Charles V and develops the student’s ability to assess change and continuity over time in a thematic manner. This is assessed through examination. The department utilises extra-curricular resources and visits, including a session at the National Archives at Kew looking at documents relating to the Russian Revolutions. Visits to relevant films, plays and exhibitions are also scheduled. 

More information, such as reading lists, extension material and articles can be found on the department website, accessed through the school site.

How will I be assessed?
OCR Syllabus: History A

The course is modular and consists of four units, two at AS and two at A2. Students will study the topics below: 

AS level
F961: British History Period Studies: Foreign and Imperial Policies 1945–90
50% of the total AS level marks, 25% of the total A level marks - 1 hour 30 minutes examination
F964: European and World History Enquiries: The USA and the Cold War in Asia 1945–75
50% of the total AS Llevel marks, 25% of the total A level marks - 1 hour 30 minutes examination

A2 level
F965: Historical Interpretations and Investigations
20% of the total A level marks - 2 x 2000 word coursework essays
F966: Historical Themes: Tudor Foreign Policy (1485-1603)
30% of the total A level marks – 2 hour examination 

Future opportunities
Although History is a subject viewed by some as non-vocational, History pupils go into a very wide range of careers. This indicates that employers widely respect History pupils as having a valuable combination of skills. History is excellent preparation for a career in fields such as law, museums, journalism, government and the Civil Service, banking, management, consultancy, accountancy and education, as well as in the field of communications, particularly marketing, advertising and PR.

What are the entry requirements?
Grade B or above in GCSE History and in English Language. 

History combines well with many subjects such as English (publishing and journalism), Politics, International Relations, Sociology, Economics, Law, Modern Languages and the sciences (archaeology and restoration work). 

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