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Key Stage 4 

Year 10
The Year 10 course begins with the British Depth Study module about Britain 1890-1918 with a specific emphasis on the Liberal reforms, female suffrage and the home front during the First World War. This module is primarily designed to develop pupils’ ability to interpret historical evidence. After the spring half term, pupils focus on Aspects of International Relations 1919-1939: The Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations, which focuses on the ability of pupils to explain, analyse and interpret.

Year 11
In Year 11, pupils complete Unit A971, Part 1: Aspects of International Relations 1919-1939 which they began in Year 10, with a study of the causes of the Second World War. The remainder of the Autumn Term is spent on Unit A973: Controlled Assessment,

Option 1: The Role of the Individual in History. Specific content varies according to the examination board’s set question, which changes each academic year. In the Spring Term, pupils will undertake Unit A971, Part 2: Studies in Depth. OCR changes for September 2013 mean that the specific country this will focus on may vary. The final term will include revision and examination practice.

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