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Key Stage 4

Year 10
Pupils studying French in Years 10 & 11 follow the Edexcel GCSE syllabus. During the course of Year 10 they will cover a certain number of topics such as: family, hobbies, town and house, transport and travelling and money. The aim of the course is to encourage communicative skills both orally and in writing. In Year 10, pupils complete their first two written controlled assessments and will complete their first speaking controlled assessment at the end of the year.The focus is on developing their vocabulary further and going into more depth over grammatical structures they will need to master, should they wish to continue their French studies to A level. Practice past papers are used to help them gradually understand the content of the Year 11 examination for the listening and reading skills.

Year 11
During the course of Year 11, pupils will cover topics not covered in Year 10. These include the world of work, health, education and the environment. The aim of the course is to encourage communicative skills both orally and in writing and the course will also include further examination practice such as higher tier papers and further preparation for the oral examination. Pupils will be asked to produce one further written controlled assessment as well as sit two oral examinations, for which they will be prepared thoroughly.The use of additional resources, including ICT and authentic materials is increased to provide the pupils with a taste of what the A level course would consist of.

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