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Key Stage 3

Year 7
In Year 7, French lessons aim to develop skills that will enable the pupils to communicate at a basic level in the target language. Although, at first, the main emphasis is on receptive skills such as listening and reading, the pupils are soon expected to perform role-plays, write short messages or fill forms in French. Regular ER verbs as well as a few important verbs are introduced.A particular focus is for basic instructions to be gradually given using the target language and throughout the year pupils are encouraged to use the language in a creative and pleasurable way.

Year 8
In Year 8, pupils are expected to develop their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in French. The course is divided into 4 units of work, each covering a different theme. The topics covered include: meals and food, shops, places in town and directions, free time, going out, clothes, and holiday plans. Pupils are encouraged to use French in the classroom. Grammatical concepts, such as 
the present tense of regular or irregular verbs are consolidated through the use of role plays and gap exercises and the future tense (near future) is introduced.

Year 9
In Year 9 pupils are expected to develop further the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course combines a situation-based approach, where pupils learn about the language needed for real life with a conventional structural and grammatical progression. 
The topics covered include leisure, transport, family life, school, and entertainment. The main points of grammar taught are the present tense of irregular verbs, the perfect tense and the immediate future is revised. Pupils are assessed in each of the four skills on a regular basis. Tricolore Unit Assessment tests are used for this purpose.

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