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 Lady Margaret School English Department Alphabet

A is appreciation, artistry, accuracy, analysis, acumen, authors (and all sorts of thingsthat lead to grade A). 
B is brainwork, and relaxing with a good book. 
C is creativity and communication. 
D is discussion, the heart of our subject, and dialects, from Standard English to Nation Language. 
E is essays: we believe that pupils learn through writing. 
F is flair: stylishness is our aim. 
G is grammatically correct; the word 'grammar' comes from 'glamour', by the way. 
H is the History of our language, in constant change. 
I is imagination and independent thinking and response, not spoon-feeding. 
J is journalistic style and for making informed judgements. 
K is knowledge: it’s not all inspiration! 
L is for listening, and for the languages that have influenced English; if you know others you might understand English better. 
M is meaning: we aim to communicate things that really matter. 
N is nuance, a word from French meaning shades of meaning: say just what you mean.
O is all Greek: orthography... and onomatopoeia – the root of so many of our words.
P of course, is poetry, but don’t forget prose. 
Q is quotations that have changed the world. 
R is a good read, from romance to ripping yarns to recipes. 
S is spells and spelling; it would take a magician to explain English spelling. 
T is teamwork and talk – focused and purposeful. 
U is University: every subject wants good English. 
is variety: it’s not all English, let alone Shakespeare. 
W is the craft of writing and word building. 
X is for xylopyrography, of course: writing with fire, it burns into your memory. 
Y is a big YES! A can-do attitude and openness to ideas. 
Z is... zeugma, a figure of speech meaning 'yoking things together', because making interesting connections is what this subject is about.

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