Art and Design

Art and Design

Curriculam Button Two

Key Stage 5

Fine Art - Edexcel
Coursework = 60% One project from September – January
Exam project = 40% One project from September – May, with a Timed Examination = 8 hours

Year 12
Students will work through a series of challenging themes. They are encouraged to work with increasing independence, pursuing a personal and creative response. Experimentation with varied media is essential. The main focus is on drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking and some sculpture. Keeping a sketchbook as a visual and written diary is an essential part of the course: recording written and visual responses, research, planning, developing ideas and evaluation referring to students own work as well as that of other artists and designers. Visits to galleries and exhibitions are essential.

Year 13
Coursework = 60% One project from September – January
Exam project = 40% One project from September – May, with a Timed Examination = 12 hours

Students create a ‘Personal study’ in which they set their own title for the unit of coursework in order to create an in-depth study on a theme of their own choice. They are required to write an essay of 3000 words which poses a question within their chosen theme, researching the work of relevant artists work to discuss. Students then respond to their essay question and the artist’s work by creating their own practical art work. They also present their written essay in a practical artistic way.

The Examination project will begin in February. Students will be supported in lessons to create a personal project and will plan the ‘main’ work which will be produced in the 10 hour examination.

Students are set homework once every week in order to create one sketchbook for each project, which form part of the coursework. Homework is marked with a grade.

Coursework projects are marked at the end of each term.

Students work is displayed in an A Level Art show at the end of the AS and A2 course in the summer term. The exam board visit the School to moderate our marking of the coursework and examination projects.

Future opportunities
Students will create a portfolio of art work which will help them to gain a place to study on an Art Foundation course. This gives students the experience working in numerous disciplines and allows them to study on a specialist Degree course. For example: Fashion Design, Illustration, Photography etc.

Fine Art combines with almost all other A level subjects:

Mathematics (architecture)

Chemistry (art restoration)

Design and Technology (design/fashion careers)

English (publishing, teaching)

History of Art

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