Art and Design

Art and Design

Curriculam Button Two

Key Stage 4

Studying GCSE Art at Lady Margaret School is a popular and exciting course. We encourage pupils to develop as artists exploring a range of media and approaches working with an individual style. Pupils create a portfolio of coursework throughout the duration of the course. All work created in lessons and for homework is coursework.

Groups of around 20 pupils study the Edexcel Fine Art course. Pupils have one double lessons and one single 50 -minute lesson every week.

Year 10
Pupils create three units of coursework, making one project each term. All projects begin by drawing from direct observation and are developed through experimentation using varied media. Pupils research the work of relevant artists, analysing the artist’s work and making connections to their own. A final piece of artwork such as painting, sculpture or print is created in order to complete each project. The main work for the third project will be created under timed conditions in an examination during the Summer Term. This gives the pupils experience working independently in the two days, ten hour examination conditions.

Throughout the course pupils experience using the following media: drawing with varied materials, photography, Photoshop manipulation of their own photography, acrylic painting, sculpture using varied media, screen printing etc. Pupils are set homework once every week in order to create one sketchbook for each project, which forms part of the coursework. Homework is marked with a comment and a grade.

Coursework projects are marked at the end of each term.

Year 11
Pupils complete the final unit of coursework during the Autumn Term. The figurative project starts with drawing from direct observation; pupils take photographs in order to create personal and original artwork resulting in a large-scale painting. They develop their own practical artwork experimenting with a range of media, relating their own work to that of other artists. During the Year 11 mock examination pupils will create a final piece of artwork such as a painting, sculpture or print for this project. The examination project begins in February. Pupils will be supported in lessons to create a personal project and will plan the main work that will be produced in the ten hour examination

Throughout the course pupils experience using the following media: drawing with varied materials, photography, Photoshop, acrylic painting, sculpture using varied media, screen-printing etc.

All coursework is created in lessons, and one piece of homework is set each week in the sketchbook. One coursework project is created each term, and feedback is given in order for pupils to monitor their own progress. Coursework accounts for 60% while the exam unit makes up the remaining 40% of the marks.

Pupils’ work is displayed in a GCSE Art show at the end of the two-year course in the Summer Term of Year 11. The exam board visits the school to moderate our marking of the coursework and examination projects.

During the GCSE course pupils are advised on opportunities at AS and A2 level. We support pupils to prepare a portfolio of Artwork if they are applying to study courses elsewhere after the completion of the GCSE course.



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