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84% of A Level students achieved grades

A*-B in 2020

Sixth Form Admissions Policy for September 2021

We welcome applications to join us in September 2021, when our anticipated Sixth Form intake will be 120 girls, taking into account both internal and external candidates.

The formal admission number for the Sixth Form is 45 and relates only to those being admitted to the school for the first time and is based on an estimate of the minimum number of external candidates likely to be admitted.

Please take a look here at what life is like in our Sixth Form.

The Prospectus will be available mid October 2020.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for the Sixth Form both for applicants already in the school and for external applicants are outlined below. Full details are available in the Sixth Form Admissions Policy

In order to study A Levels you must have at least six good passes at GCSE.  This includes at least a grade 5 in English Language and Mathematics.

If you wish to study Modern Languages (French and Spanish) or Mathematics at A level you must have a minimum grade of 7 in the subject in question.

If you wish to study any of the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) a minimum of a grade 7-7 is required in Combined Science GCSE or a grade 6 in the appropriate separate science GCSE and a Grade 6 in Mathematics GCSE.

If you wish to study any other subject at A Level you must have a grade 6 or above at GCSE in the subject in question, where previously studied. Grade 6 or above in Mathematics at GCSE is required for Economics and  for Psychology.

For other subjects not studied at GCSE a grade 6 or above in English is required.


Application Process

We are in the process of updating the system we use for admissions.  Please check back on November 5th for further details. 


Admission Policies

Sixth Form Admissions Policy for September 2021

Click here to read the 2021 Sixth Form Admissions Policy. 

Sixth Form Admissions Policy for September 2019

Click here to read the 2019 Sixth Form Admissions Policy. 

Sixth Form Admissions Policy for September 2020

Click here to read the 2020 Sixth Form Admissions Policy. 

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